Pacific Paper is proud to be a key Australian manufacturing contributor to the global shift from plastic to paper. We are a dedicated local sustainability champion, making a practical and impactful difference with every paper bag made. For our customers, Pacific Paper represents shipping miles saved and carbon footprint impact!

At Pacific Paper, we promote sustainable business practices and have made conscious decisions to operate our business in an environmentally friendly manner.

While all manufacturing processes involves a certain element of waste, we have implemented policies to reduce waste as much as possible. For example, our paper and cardboard waste is recycled.

Raw Material Sourcing

We consider the environmental impact of our input materials. We only use raw material inputs, including paper, from reputable suppliers, which means no old growth forests are used. We keep the use of inks and adhesives to a minimum and prioritise the use of water-based and soy inks wherever possible as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to solvent-based inks.

While we currently do not maintain a ‘Chain of Custody’ (CoC), though raw materials are sourced from FSC or PEFC certified suppliers.

Responsible Manufacturing Practices

We regularly assess and update our manufacturing practices to ensure our processing is as sustainable as possible, and is in line with, or ahead of industry standards. We are always aiming to reduce our inputs, including lowering our power and water usage, and minimising the use of solvent-based inks and adhesives.

At Pacific Paper, we are also mindful of our own use of packaging, and we use the minimal amount of packaging when delivering our products to customers. Our waste is always disposed of in line with Environmental Protection Agency approved practices.

Our products are manufactured in a food packaging grade environment so our customers can be assured that they achieve the highest quality standards.